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Manager, Licensing and Support Services
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Competition #:01510229
Bargaining Unit:NON-CONTRACT
Close Date:FEBRUARY 26, 2021*

Position Summary

In accordance with the established vision and values of the organization, the Manager provides strategic leadership to develop, implement, manage, and evaluate both new and current operational programs primarily focused on community care licensing. The Manager supports the Corporate Director and Chief Medical Health Officer in the development and implementation of an annual work plan for the VP Population Health Portfolio, by collaborating with stakeholders both internal and external to the Portfolio and organization. In addition to aligning work plans with the needs of our population and taking into consideration advice and feedback from stakeholders, the Manager ensures that activities are aligned with related public health policy direction and priorities of the Ministry.

This is a regional role designed to support the VP Population Health Portfolio in improving the health status of the overall population and reducing health disparities including among Aboriginal people.

In addition to community care licensing, the Manager also provides leadership to support services across all programs in Population Health Operations, organizing administrative support and overseeing related services such as logistics, technology and equipment, and space planning.


1. Plans services and initiatives, designs and implements their delivery, and monitors results including formal evaluations where appropriate, for assigned population health program areas and service streams.

2. Leads an annual planning cycle for assigned program areas, scanning the environment and consulting stakeholders, to identify opportunities and population needs. Incorporates this information into operational plans and activities informed by Ministry and organizational strategy documents.

3. Provides strategic human resources leadership across programs, ensuring an optimal mix of skills, qualifications, schedules, and reporting relationships are in place to achieve program goals while maximizing both efficiency and effectiveness.

4. Monitors program activities to ensure deliverables are achieved. Makes full use of available performance monitoring and accountability tools to ensure program objectives are achieved. Carefully monitors financial performance.

5. Develops and implements formal improvement processes including but not limited to quality improvement and Lean management, as appropriate.

6. Provides leadership to help make Interior Health (IH) a safe and healthy workplace. Ensures staff training and orientation is completed and that policies are consistently implemented and applied.
7. Leads specific, time-limited projects across various Portfolio programs or other VP Portfolios. Outcomes may include, but are not limited to, briefing notes, reports, recommendations, and, in some cases, their timely implementation across the organization.

8. Contributes significantly to the development of the Portfolio’s annual work plan (as initiatives will overlap with ongoing programs) ensuring alignment, where possible, with the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.

9. Through internal and external stakeholder engagement and collaboration, explores emerging new practice and ensures consistent best practice across all units, initiatives, and contracts in an effort to ensure effectiveness of all Portfolio activities.

10. Participates in provincial committees related to assigned program areas.

11. Participates in the on-call rotation.

12. Performs other duties as assigned.

• A Master’s degree in Public Health, Administration, or a Clinical Field.
• An understanding of regulatory administration and the principles of health promotion and prevention, knowledge of specific public health programs, and awareness of provincial Statutes under which they operate.
• A minimum of seven years of experience in public health or a related field and a minimum of two years of experience in operations management.

LEADS Capabilities
Demonstrates all LEADS Capabilities, in particular:
• Leads Self/Cultural Agility – self-awareness, demonstrates character; noticing and adapting to cultural uniqueness to create a sense of safety for all.
• Engages Others/Empathy – fosters the development of others, communicates effectively, builds effective teams, listens with heart rather than reacting
• Achieves Results/Process Orientation – takes action to implement decisions, assesses & evaluates results, follows culturally respectful processes that also produce results
• Develops Coalitions/Building a Trust-Based Relationship – builds partnerships & networks to create results, demonstrates a commitment to customers & service, navigates socio-political environments, building personal relationships in addition to professional ones, participating in open exchanges of experiences and culture
• System Transformation/Credible Champion – demonstrates systems/critical thinking, strategically oriented to the future, champions & orchestrates change, remains self-aware and maintains effective relationships, shows courage and conviction in advocating for change for the betterment of Aboriginal people.

Skills and Abilities
• Knowledge and understanding of the patient journey through the continuum of care (promotion; prevention; and community, acute, and palliative care).
• Advanced implementation, change management, and operationalization skills of a program with specific direct or indirect outcome measures.
• Advanced project management skills, including prioritization, planning, and completion.
• Ability to manage human resources effectively including performance reviews, staff development, posting, hiring, and termination.
• Understands physicians, Nurse Practitioners, nursing, and Allied Health human resources in practice and in accordance with the CPSBC, the CRNBC, the Health Professions Act, and the Hospital Act.
• Ability to effectively manage a large budget, engaging the support of business consultants and/or managers as appropriate.
• Experience with a variety of QI approaches and tools to ensure outcome measures are met or exceeded.
• Ability to manage challenging and competing demands within a limited timeframe.
• Knowledge of, and experience in, implementing progressive accountability frameworks.
• Ability to creatively plan and promote new program and service delivery models.
• Ability to work collaboratively with and provide leadership to diverse groups and individuals.
• Ability to ensure decisions and program direction support the goals of the organization.
• Ability to critically analyze and synthesize utilization and statistical data.
• Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing, including the ability to facilitate and negotiate.
• Uses initiative and judgment to develop courses of action for self and others that are results-oriented.
• Strategic and operational planning skills.
• A valid BC Driver’s License for travel as required within and between our geographically distributed communities.
• Physical ability to perform the duties of the position.

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